Business Card Holders

hatch business card holder
Designed to take advantage of the innate properties of brass, and it's remarkable ability to self sterilize. Within a few hours of contact with brass ions, any bacteria or microorganism dies. This antiseptic quality lends itself perfectly to situations where hygiene is a priority including the medical profession. Designed by Karl Zahn, the engraved hatched pattern is an abstraction of cell structure. In addition to its scientific appearance, the random layout is also representative of a patchwork quilt or heirloom blanket. Gift boxed with Karl Zahn's "business" card inside.
karim rashid optikal business card holder
Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation, with over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards, and working in over 35 countries. Karim's work is also featured in 20 permanent museum collections worldwide. Enamel on engraved sterling silver plate. Boxed with Karim Rashid's "business" card inside.
 Deer Prudence Business Card Holder
Bev Hogue's artwork is exhibited and collected throughout the world. A common element in all her designs are the blue sketches found in each piece, and the somber portraits in settings that seem to shift between eras. Sterling silver plated. Boxed with Bev Hogue's "business" card inside.
Paul Timman
Paul Timman is an American tattoo artist and designer, and is best known for making house calls to celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Ben, Afleck, Angelina Jolie, Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Lopez and many other A list celebs. Sterling silver plated. Boxed with Paul Timman's "business" card inside.
Patented in three countries no less, this unique business card holder has the ability to turn itself inside out and into another color! Case holds about 30 cards. 4" x 2.5" x 0.5" Gift boxed.
Viva La Psicodella Business Card Holder
Created by Mauricio Valdes, a multiple award winning industrial graphic designer from Mexico City. His design firm creates furniture , textiles, jewelry, lighting, graphics and products sold throughout the world and in his two stores in southern California. Sterling silver plated. Boxed with Mauricio Valdes "business" card inside.
Stainless Steel Maple & Ebony Scroll Business Card Holder
Individually handmade in Rhode Island, this brushed stainless steel business card holder features a solid maple top and a gorgeous marquetry scroll design made from solid ebony. Each case is boxed with the artists card and description of wood used. Packaged in a felt gift pouch.
Champagne Crystal Black Rhodium Cufflinks
Individually handmade in Rhode Island, this brushed stainless steel business card holder features a solid figured maple top that is hand selected from the very finest, most expensive hardwood cuts. Figured maple is the most ornate type of maple available and is distinguished by it's unique swirls and tiger's stripe above the grain. Each case is boxed with the artists card and description of wood used. Packaged in a felt gift pouch.
Emilana Design Sorry Business Card Holder
In 1996, Ana and Emil founded Emilana Design Studio based in Bacelona, specializing in product design, lighting, design spaces and exhibitions. Several of their designs are featured in the permanent collection of Indianapolis Museum of Art, Museu d'Arts Decoratives of Barcelona and Fons Nationale d'Art Contemporain of France. Sterling silver plated. Boxed with an Emilana Design "business" card inside.
Arik Levy Honeycomb Business Card Holder
Arik Levy is a Paris based designer, artist, photographer, and filmmaker. His 20 strong design team and graphic artists design a wide range of products including packaging, furniture, signage, advertising and brand identity projects for clients worldwide. Sterling silver plated. Boxed with Arik Levy's "business" card inside.
Founder of Trashline Studios, Thomas Marutschke is an artist and illustrator that specializes in striking modern artworks. Originally this work was cut out by hand of color foils, then converted into vector graphics with a computer. Sterling silver plated. Boxed with Thomas Marutschke's "business" card inside.
Berga-Perales Collins Avenue Business Card Holder
Alberto Berga-Perales, a practicing architect since 1962 and Professor of Architectonic Design, Project Manager and specialist in architecture and design for many prominent international hotels. A designer of both private homes and public buildings throughout South America, he has received numerous international awards for his designs. Sterling silver plated. Boxed with Alberta Berga-Perales "business" card inside.