About our cufflinks and collections

Nearly all of our unique cufflinks are made in the U.S.A. & England.

All of our cuff links are creatively packaged in unique gift boxes.

Gift boxes vary, but reflect the style of cufflinks inside.

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Tateossian London Cufflinks

A modern, sophisticated range of cufflinks manufactured to the highest standard, London's Tateossian is always fresh and unique!

WD London Cufflinks

A modern, sophisticated range of cufflinks featuring unique settings, unusual material combinations, and an acute sense of design and style.

Unique Semi Precious Stone Cufflinks

Truly some of the most beautiful, unique stones you will ever see set into a cufflink. Some you've heard of... many you haven't!

Detroit Graffiti / Coin Cutout Cufflinks

Made from decades of Detroit graffiti, we've paired this collection with and artful USA made coin cutout collection cast in sterling silver.

Traditional but Unusual Cufflinks

Conservative at first glance, but with a contemporary twist, this collection is full of unique styles, many with a equally unique story to tell.

David Donahue New York Cufflinks

David Donahue's designs are always timeless and elegant. What makes his cufflinks unique is the elaborate engraving beneath the hand set enamel.

Hand Engraved Cufflinks

No machine can replicate the beauty of hand engraved cufflinks. We start with the finest sterling silver cufflinks, which are then hand engraved by skilled artisans.

Machine Engraved Cufflinks

Our machine engraved cufflinks are a step above the rest. We look for unique, elegant monograms and engrave them on only the highest quality designer cufflinks!

Babette Wasserman London Cufflinks

Modern and elegant are two words that best describe this seasons cufflink collection from one of London's favorite designers!

Simon Carter London Cufflinks

Bridging conservative materials with a contemporary flair, Simon Carter always has something new in store you'll love!

US & Italian Made Blown Glass Cufflinks

Using borosilicate glass (Pyrex), blown glass, antique glass and scrap glass, these handmade glass cufflinks are individual works of art.

Vintage Piston Bearing Cufflinks

Reclaimed from the engines of vintage Fords, Mercedes, Vipers, BMW's and more, these distinctive cufflinks are made from real piston rod bearings!

English Laundry / Robert Graham Cufflinks

English Laundry cufflinks are stylishly dark, and conservatively cool. Robert Graham cufflinks are elegantly whimsical, and sometimes quite odd!

1922 Gatsby Collection

Brought back to life from antique molds dating from the 1920's, the Gatsby cufflink collection is both elegant and timeless.

Antique Token & Coin Cufflinks

Authentic subway token cufflinks from Chicago, Boston, New York plus our unique collection of US & antique coin cufflinks!

Neckwear & Gift Collections

Have you checked out our ties? They are just as cool as our cufflinks! Shirts, storage and cool gift items can be accessed through the links at the top of any page!

Tommy Bahama Cufflinks

A state of mind that is always warm and tropical... the Tommy Bahama collection is exactly that expressed on a cufflink.

Tray One

We dedicate this tray of cufflinks to everything with a history of 100-5000 years old.

Tray Two

Even more impossibly awesome cufflinks!

Tray Three

Dedicated to styles we love that wouldn't fit anywhere else. Each style is totally unique, and hand picked for the season!

Did you know?

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Bewitched Wedding Cufflinks

We've got some of the coolest wedding cufflinks you've ever seen here. No "Groom" or "Best Man" cufflinks here!

The End

Now that you've reached the end of our cufflinks check out our french cuff shirts!