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Machine Engraved Cufflinks - Our Exclusive Range of Monogrammed Cufflinks
We have introduced several variations that have unique style elements that are both timeless and unique. ME6 is a unique 1920's era two letter oval style monogram with art deco style flourishes. Quite beautiful in its simplicity. ME7 is a three letter monogram of the same style. It's totally unique with curved letters, loops, and capped letters. ME1 (double line) & ME2 (triple line) are round signet styles that were popular in the 1960's and 1970's. Most often found on men's signet rings of the time, we think their round design looks equally cool on a square cufflink! ME3 & ME4 are timeless favorites. ME3 was a standard from 1880-1920, and ME4 was a modern variation of the same, popular in the 1930's and 40's. ME5 was a 1950's standard.
In addition to our machine engraved cufflinks, we also offer hand engraved cufflinks:

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Choose a set of cufflinks

All cuff links are solid sterling silver, vermeil (24kt gold on sterling) or rose gold vermeil (rose gold on sterling silver) Set three has a 14kt gold rope border. All are manufactured by David Donahue New York, and made in the USA.
Vermeil cufflinks make a wonderful choice because of their beautiful two tone effect once completed! Cufflinks arrive in a David Donahue gift box.
hand engraved cufflinks round hand engraved cufflinks round hand engraved cufflinks sqaure hand engraved cufflinks square hand engraved cufflinks oval

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Choose your monogram style

Monograms have a larger MIDDLE initial, but the middle initial is taken from the LAST name. Example: If your name was John Henry Doe, your monogram would appear as JDH *Except ME6 (first,last)
We offer 7 styles of monogrammed cufflinks, ME1-7 shown below. Any style monogram can be engraved on any style of cufflinks.
Monogram Styles
unique engraved cufflinksME6 vintage deco monogrammed cufflinks ME7 ME1 ME2 ME3 ME4 ME5

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Would you like your cufflinks engraved with a special message or date on the reverse?

You can have one (or both) cufflinks engraved with a special message, date, or both. Because of the small letter size, no font choice is available.
Round cufflinks will accommodate 28 characters (including spaces) on the back of each cufflink. (We wrap the words around the back radius) Square and oval cufflinks will accommodate a total of 28 characters (two lines of 14 characters)

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Price your set.

1. Sterling styles (1S & 2S) are $150.00 Vermeil styles (1V, 2V, 1R, 2R) are $175.00 Style three is $225.00
2. Face engraving is included in the price. If you wish, we can engrave the reverse with your special message, date, or both! ($20.00 per cufflink.)
Monogram: i.e John Henry Doe would be JDH:
Or call 847-973-2337 Delivery time is approximately two weeks. Engraved cufflinks are not returnable, and orders may not be cancelled once placed.