This is the worlds first and only gravity operated multi function pen, pencil, eraser and stylus. To use, simply rotate the pen till the desired ink color (or pencil) is facing you. Click, and there it is. It's truly fascinating, especially considering there is also a mechanical pencil inside. The top is stainless steel mesh that mimics a finger touch, so this pen can be used as with your tablet or smartphone, and an eraser hides behind this. Designed by Adrian Olabuenaga, former designer for Boeing. 5.25" and only 1/4" thick. Takes standard refills. Gift boxed.
oh ring roller ball pen
"Pens may have a rubber area located near the pen tip, for gripping/comfort. but it is generally fixed. I wanted to create an adjustable area, where the user can adjust the gripping/comfort area, as they desire, and also change it just as quickly. The o-rings not only provide the adjustability, but also a slightly whimsical, game like relief. At first it may look like a textured rubber sleeve, but then the discovery is in the fact that the rubber area is comprised of several o-rings, which are adjustable to numerous configurations, satisfying each individual users grip and comfort. I wanted to create a serious looking pen, while adding a discovery. I like the hard and soft quality: hard representing a precision instrument, and the soft representing the organic, the user interaction. No matter how technical an object may be, it needs a friendly, inviting human interface." - Larry Laske. Gift boxed.
english laundry tie bar
Solid nickel with a matte, antique finish. 2" width. Arrives in a distinctive signature English Laundry gift box.
feather tie bar
Textured, silver plated feather tie bar. 2" length. Gift boxed.
breast cancer awareness ribbon tie bar
Sculptured, silver plated breast cancer awareness ribbon tie bar. 2" length. Gift boxed.